Overcoming Obstacles

Have you ever felt like giving up, because there were too many obstacles? In business we are often met with challenges that are enough to close-up shop. But what if I told you these challenges or obstacles are necessary for growth. Sometimes having everything too easily makes you not appreciate it as much. I once had a great paying career and was able to spend … Continue reading Overcoming Obstacles

Only Hire People Passionate About Your Brand

It’s that time again! Each semester or quarter you will find many marketing firms like LOOKLIVELUXE and other businesses recruiting interns! With classes set to resume soon and students eager to obtain internship credits to satisfy their curriculum, we are happy to announce that we are also accepting fall internships. While internships are temporary, I still find it very important to bring people on board … Continue reading Only Hire People Passionate About Your Brand

Everything That Glitters Isn’t Always Gold

I’m sure you have heard the saying, “all that glitters isn’t gold” or some version of it in songs or other articles. I believe the saying holds so true with business. I once thought that because I wanted freedom by not clocking in for anyone and that if I was to hustle for any company to make a living, it would be for myself-that it … Continue reading Everything That Glitters Isn’t Always Gold

Attracting Your Ideal Client

It’s no secret that most of us have favorites when it comes to who we want to work with. It could be your favorite brand or your favorite customer, also known as your ‘ideal client.’ But what if the customers who want your services or products are not your ideal client or target market? Do you ever find yourself wondering why the services or products that you created … Continue reading Attracting Your Ideal Client

13 Questions with the Twiirly Team

This week our Chief-in-LUXE and Founder and Lead Marketing Consultant Val Decena of LOOKLIVELUXE was interviewed by the Twiirly app Team. She has opened sessions for aspiring or fellow bloggers and business owners to engage with her on Twiirly. Because Val brings a keen eye, industry contacts, and insider knowledge to her influencer marketing and visual content strategy, she is a great source to connect with. … Continue reading 13 Questions with the Twiirly Team


5 Reasons Why I Love Amazon Prime

As a small business owner there are many reasons to cut down on certain expenses (p.s. marketing isn’t one of them), but unnecessary expenses like shipping. It’s one of the main reasons that Amazon has become my go-to for business supplies or just random cuteness. I found that saving on shipping or even signing up for a business account on Amazon has been the best … Continue reading 5 Reasons Why I Love Amazon Prime


How To Perform Your Own Social Media Audit

Spring: a time for reinventing and new beginnings; and as important as spring cleaning is for your closet, makeup drawers, life—it’s just as important for your business! To us, spring is virtually in the air and that’s where audits come in. Don’t be frightened, though, we’re not talking about taxes. We’re talking about an audit for all your social media accounts. You’d be surprised what … Continue reading How To Perform Your Own Social Media Audit


Build Lasting Relationships, Not Links

Long are the days where we have to stuff our content with links, in order to increase SEO (search engine optimization). This is a method that does work for sure. But somehow and somewhere down the line, someone (who I’ll mention a bit later) discovered that there is more to link building. There is such a thing as building relationships online. This had me thinking if more brands or … Continue reading Build Lasting Relationships, Not Links

Twiirly: The New App For Bloggers

If you were able to catch our last blog post, 4 Steps To Turn Your Blog Into a Career, you’re already aware of a few easy ways you can be turning your blog into your own personal business. Now, we have found an app we’re excited to share with you that can aid in making that transition happen a little faster. Twiirly is a new … Continue reading Twiirly: The New App For Bloggers