Building an E-Commerce Business

Due to its convenience and mass outreach, e-commerce sites have been one of the fastest growing industries in the past few years. Many businesses have been turning to e-commerce and increasing their sales exponentially with the help of digital marketing experts, web developers and targeted SEO strategies. Although it may seem like a fairly simple task, it takes a great deal of thought, hard work, … Continue reading Building an E-Commerce Business


Now Accepting Interns! 

It’s the second quarter of the year and after having a hectic first quarter…things are finally falling into place. That being said, I now have time set aside to help passionate students learn about marketing and what we do at LOOKLIVELUXE! So I’m accepting new interns for marketing/pr, sales in the Orlando area and virtually! Must be self-motivated, possess a passion for beauty, fashion, lifestyle brands and … Continue reading Now Accepting Interns! 

The New Instagram Features to Improve Engagement

Number one rule to success: never take the easy way out. That includes what some may consider lesser important projects, like social media. But, us LUXERs know just how important it can be to a brand and how it can help to majorly increase clientele and overall presence in the market. We’re aware that this type of engagement requires quite the commitment. It’s not an … Continue reading The New Instagram Features to Improve Engagement

5 Tips for Successful Email Marketing

As luxe professionals and business-savvy entrepreneurs, we can all agree that email marketing has become one of the most effective online methods in generating leads. It’s been proven to increase revenue and has become a strong sales channel for businesses all over. That in mind, we’ve all been guilty of immediately deleting emails whenever we receive an influx in our mailbox. So, how do you … Continue reading 5 Tips for Successful Email Marketing

Why Millennials Love Luxury

Today, with instant access to viewing the lavish lifestyle, whether on Pinterest, Tumblr or Instagram, a craving for luxury has increased at an exponential level. Specifically, Millennials are the generation with the most want for luxury items. Although, there is an increase in demand for luxury items, there is no magical increase in money that Millennials have to spend on such items. This generation is looking to … Continue reading Why Millennials Love Luxury


How to Create and Cross-Promote a Blog

As some of you LUXERs already know, blogging has become the most popular choice for people across all forms of business. Whether it be authors, fashionistas, small or large companies, health gurus–everyone has found themselves turning to blogging to gather an audience to share their passions with. As mentioned in previous posts, blogging has become a business within itself, and if you’re looking to get started, … Continue reading How to Create and Cross-Promote a Blog

Creating Your Virtual Office

Before prospects go to your actual office (if you have one), they visit your virtual office…your website. Yep, it’s the first impression besides your physical presence or business card. This is  important, as they should truly represent your brand. They also should clearly show what you can do for them in order to turn them into paying clients. Since that is the ultimate goal, we’ve come up with … Continue reading Creating Your Virtual Office


3 Tech Devices We Can’t Live Without!

On this week’s Wednesday Weekly round-up, we’re sharing technology devices that help add value to a creative business. These are also the essentials we cannot live without, as they have leveled up our game. Big time. There a various types or brands but the three devices, we will mention are simply what we use and love! A camera. We’ve all been using an iPhone camera for a … Continue reading 3 Tech Devices We Can’t Live Without!


How To Perform Your Own Social Media Audit

Spring: a time for reinventing and new beginnings; and as important as spring cleaning is for your closet, makeup drawers, life—it’s just as important for your business! To us, spring is virtually in the air and that’s where audits come in. Don’t be frightened, though, we’re not talking about taxes. We’re talking about an audit for all your social media accounts. You’d be surprised what … Continue reading How To Perform Your Own Social Media Audit