Hope Is Not a Strategy, It’s a Feeling

Once upon a time, I was very naive and believed that if I were positive and hopeful things would work out. Being hopeful in life would be considered a law of attraction but in business, it’s just not really about that. Hope for business should not be a thing other than a feeling and is definitely not recommended as a resource. Instead, there should be … Continue reading Hope Is Not a Strategy, It’s a Feeling

Work Smart, Not Hard with Our Top 3 Productivity Tools

In this week’s round-up we’re sharing our top 3 tools to help boost productivity. If you’re on a mission to get yourself more organized or productive before the end of the year, then you’re in the right place. Our previous post shares a couple of the tools that will help to automate your business such as Zapier and IFTTT. We believe that most business owners, … Continue reading Work Smart, Not Hard with Our Top 3 Productivity Tools

Get In the Habit of Automating Your Business Process

There’s a reason why some businesses excel and well…some don’t. One of the reasons that some businesses didn’t excel could have been because that they didn’t have an automated process or it wasn’t an efficient one. While we may actually loathe the idea of automation ever since calling customer service became a hassle, it makes sense to automate your business process. There are many reasons … Continue reading Get In the Habit of Automating Your Business Process

Know Your Worth, Then Add Tax

Do you ever get all choked up when it comes to invoicing your client for the first time or just even giving your prices to a new customer? Entering business for yourself is such an achievement, but knowing how to grow it and maintain it is a whole different story. However, knowing what your worth is something you should know beforehand. It’s called being confident … Continue reading Know Your Worth, Then Add Tax

Leveraging Social Media

Can’t stay way from social media? No worries, we can’t either! Social media can definitely have that effect! It can also have a positive affect on any company looking to expand areas such as growth, gain exposure or increase their customer/ employee engagement. These days, an entire brand can be built on a social media platform. According to Forbes, 78% of consumers claimed that posts … Continue reading Leveraging Social Media

Marketing Vs PR

Marketing and Public Relations are often used in conjunction when discussing business strategies. But are they really the same thing? While marketing is used as a strategy to place advertisements and directly encourage the consumer to act on the product or service, public relations focuses more on establishing relationships to earn more public recognition for the company. Although, they are different in purpose and execution, … Continue reading Marketing Vs PR

In It Just To Win It?

Almost a year back we spotted an interior designer, Ericka Cook of Moth Design, on Pinterest and have been following her on all social media channels ever since. This talented, single mother of 5 is a little ball of inspiration. She took to Instagram a self-originated quote, “I’m not interested in competing with anyone. I hope we all make it.” One that would later spread … Continue reading In It Just To Win It?

Eventful, Entertaining & Extravagant!

Galas, banquets, corporate meetings, seminars, tradeshows and the list goes on! There are so many different types of events and with that comes the need for versatility and the knowledge of how to execute them with finesse. Lighting, timing, dining – they all play a part in many events and it is said that all events involve a director and full crew!  Styling and setting … Continue reading Eventful, Entertaining & Extravagant!

Add Nothing but LUXE to Your Lifestyle!

When it comes to providing LUXE to lifestyles, we have it covered. LOOKLIVELUXE’s sole purpose is to service our clients both personally and professionally. Sprucing up your home, your image or your business is what we do best. We cater to those who aspire to be the best in all areas. Revive your social life by hosting a special event, rejuvenate your home with a … Continue reading Add Nothing but LUXE to Your Lifestyle!