LUXE Q&A With PostVu’s Alexandra Karam

We believe that in order to truly market a service or product, you must be able to prove why it’s the best. People like to see the positive results of a service first hand; and when it comes to social media, if it’s equally as aesthetically pleasing as it is successful, then you’ve got a win. Take Alexandra Karam, CEO and founder of PostVu for … Continue reading LUXE Q&A With PostVu’s Alexandra Karam

Visual content

Creating Your Visual Story

We’ve always lived in a visual world—but with the introduction of social media, that world has become even bigger and companies now depend on the success of their visual content to reach and appeal to the masses. It is important to know how to effectively utilize visual content, like images via Instagram or videos via YouTube in your marketing campaigns to ensure they resonate well … Continue reading Creating Your Visual Story