Why Millennials Love Luxury

Today, with instant access to viewing the lavish lifestyle, whether on Pinterest, Tumblr or Instagram, a craving for luxury has increased at an exponential level. Specifically, Millennials are the generation with the most want for luxury items. Although, there is an increase in demand for luxury items, there is no magical increase in money that Millennials have to spend on such items. This generation is looking to … Continue reading Why Millennials Love Luxury

Raising Awareness With The Small Touches

Special events be it social or corporate always garner attention for the decor and the food…but what about the personalized touches? Water bottles, gift boxes and even cookies can be screen printed or created with custom labels to really help your attendees identifiy with your event and its cause. Throughout the year, there are various organizational galas, banquets, auctions and conferences that make an impact … Continue reading Raising Awareness With The Small Touches