Creating Your Virtual Office

Before prospects go to your actual office (if you have one), they visit your virtual office…your website. Yep, it’s the first impression besides your physical presence or business card. This is  important, as they should truly represent your brand. They also should clearly show what you can do for them in order to turn them into paying clients. Since that is the ultimate goal, we’ve come up with … Continue reading Creating Your Virtual Office

Projection Mapping: Add Dimension To Your Events

With hundreds of events going on every single day, it can be hard to add an extra touch that will make an event unique. Finding that je ne sais quoi and impressing your guests is often complicated, but not impossible. Projection mapping can make this process so much easier! It’s an exciting new projection technique that actually turns any surface (walls, buildings, trees, cars…You name it!) … Continue reading Projection Mapping: Add Dimension To Your Events

Kate Spade Expands To Furniture

As interior design continues to expand as an industry, major home goods lines are expanding their inventories. Among these brands is Kate Spade. Kate Spade already offers an incredibly wide selection of products, ranging from fashion to home decor and now furniture! The label is partnering with four renowned licensing partners and plans to launch the new collections by spring 2016. The bath and bedding … Continue reading Kate Spade Expands To Furniture

Current Trends In Interior Design

After interviewing one of our favorite Interior Designers, Jennifer Schmidt for a LUXE Q&A, we wanted to delve deeper into interiors and share the current trends to help beautify your home. As you know or may not know, interior design allows you to use a space and create a mood. Whether it’s industrial, modern, elegant, or simplistic, the theme of a room can be conveyed through … Continue reading Current Trends In Interior Design

Is The Home of Your Dreams An Hour Away?

Have you recently moved into a new home? Or have you decided that it’s time for a little face-lift? Coming to the conclusion that it’s time to revamp your home can seem a bit intimidating at first, but Noa Santos and Will Nathan, founder of Homepolish have a solution for you! Redesign should be fun, and these two have come up with a simple and … Continue reading Is The Home of Your Dreams An Hour Away?

Hosting Elegant Summer Events

  It’s summertime again—the season for social gatherings! No matter the occasion, you can host a sophisticated soiree that will impress your guests. One of the best parts of hosting a summer party is the versatility. Whether you’d rather soak up the sun with friends, or admire the starlight backdrop in your backyard, you have options! Just remember to plan around the event your envisioning. … Continue reading Hosting Elegant Summer Events

10 Stylish Work Outfits to Try This Spring

Originally posted on StyleCaster:
Although Spring can be tons of fun and afford long-forgotten freedoms like wearing sheer, mixing crazy colors, and (gasp!) even trotting around with bare legs, one thing that can be a bit more tricky is concocting the perfect Spring work outfits. There is such a thing as too little when it comes to office attire, and when you cross that line,… Continue reading 10 Stylish Work Outfits to Try This Spring

Mirror Mirror!

Home styling and decorating can become a bit challenging, especially when dealing with smaller spaces! Maybe you’re trying to liven up your study, boudoir and vanity area or even your walk-in closet without adding details that will go unnoticed or be hidden to the eye. When in doubt, grab a mirror! Mirrors are inexpensive and chic ways to add class and depth to any space. … Continue reading Mirror Mirror!