Your Network is Your Net Worth

As a shy girl in my younger days, I quickly learned the importance of getting out of my shell in college. It meant having to speak to other students about school work or group projects, in order to succeed (I hated group projects, but now I understand how it helped me open up more and work with a team). I also noticed other students joining … Continue reading Your Network is Your Net Worth

Goal Planning for 2017

  Have you begun planning for 2017, because it’s quickly approaching and you know what they say, “new year, new beginnings.” Or in the case of small businesses, “new goals.” Right now is the perfect time to begin thinking about what it is you and your business want to accomplish in the upcoming year. Unlike New Year resolutions, which some people might find cliché—goal planning … Continue reading Goal Planning for 2017

Chic Takeaways for Your Events

Chic takeaways also known as a swag bag: a bag containing free gifts, typically given away to people attending an event, frequently for promotional purposes. Not to be confused with ‘goody-bags’— this term has become synonymous over the years with elaborate Hollywood parties hosting celebrities, entertainers, and socialites alike. These swag bags have gained so much popularity as the primary gesture of appreciation for attending … Continue reading Chic Takeaways for Your Events

Tips For a Successful Store Opening or Launch Party

When having attended fun and exciting events, it’s not often that the work it took to get everyone there comes to mind—until you have to plan one of your own. Planning an event can be a pretty tricky task, getting people to come is another; and what’s most important is the people who attend. If you’re looking to host an event for a store opening … Continue reading Tips For a Successful Store Opening or Launch Party

Cheers To Downtown’s Newest Luxury Addition & Our Client!

Imagine a luxury apartment building located in the heart of your favorite city, with direct access to the city’s most popular nightlife hot spots, sport and entertainment venues along with so many more culturally identifiable destinations. If this sounds as amazing to you as it does us, then you will be pleased to hear that the Crescent Central Station is here to serve you. Recently, this … Continue reading Cheers To Downtown’s Newest Luxury Addition & Our Client!

Millenia Fashion Week Turns Ten!

The Mall at Millenia in Orlando, Florida just wrapped up another successful and fabulous Fashion Week with the help of Melanie Pace, wardrobe stylist and on-air fashion expert. This wasn’t just another typical, annual Fashion Week for them though, it was their 10th anniversary of the event! It’s no surprise that they have had such success – they bring the international fashion world to an up and coming city. … Continue reading Millenia Fashion Week Turns Ten!

Fashion, Charities, & The W Event

The fashion industry is one that is constantly growing. With this growth, the industry realizes that great success comes with great responsibility. The success of the fashion industry has lead to it’s increasing involvement in philanthropic pursuits. Several brands like TOMS and The Fashion Project have created initiatives that help others in need. For example, TOMS’ One for One model focuses on providing impoverished families with … Continue reading Fashion, Charities, & The W Event

Celebrate Mother’s Day The LUXE Way!

Mother’s Day is just around the corner! With the sun, the flowers and chocolates everywhere, we’re just feeling inspired to share our LUXE ideas of how you can make this Mother’s Day memorable! Breakfast at a Terrace– With the lovely weather, the smell of spring and the sunshine, having an outdoor breakfast just sounds delicious! What about some lavish Belgian waffles while enjoying the view? … Continue reading Celebrate Mother’s Day The LUXE Way!