Kate Spade Expands To Furniture

As interior design continues to expand as an industry, major home goods lines are expanding their inventories. Among these brands is Kate Spade. Kate Spade already offers an incredibly wide selection of products, ranging from fashion to home decor and now furniture! The label is partnering with four renowned licensing partners and plans to launch the new collections by spring 2016. The bath and bedding … Continue reading Kate Spade Expands To Furniture

Mirror Mirror!

Home styling and decorating can become a bit challenging, especially when dealing with smaller spaces! Maybe you’re trying to liven up your study, boudoir and vanity area or even your walk-in closet without adding details that will go unnoticed or be hidden to the eye. When in doubt, grab a mirror! Mirrors are inexpensive and chic ways to add class and depth to any space. … Continue reading Mirror Mirror!

Green With Envy

Green represents nature and one of the seven deadly sins….envy…and we definitely envy these fabulous room ideas. With spring upon us, now is the ideal time to spruce up your domain (not that you need a reason)! All variations of green can create depth and immerse you and your guests in to a tranquil and harmonious environment! Various shades of green are the epitome of … Continue reading Green With Envy

Erica Cook : Interior Designer Spotted

Interior Designer spotted…”One of the best Interior designers to follow on Pinterest” according to Designer Marketplace! Erica Cook is an interior designer, a stylist, a blogger, and last but not least a single mom to five boys and a dog. She moved from Toronto to Calgary six years ago, and took on the stressful challenge of renovating her 2,487-square-foot home. Her blog, Moth Design, depicts her … Continue reading Erica Cook : Interior Designer Spotted

Oh, What Wonderful Walls You Have!

  Have you ever wanted to expand your thought process of styling your home but don’t know how? Well, I will let you in on a little secret- wall coverings. Remember, the thing people were in love with around the 1970’s, and they used to call it wallpaper? YES! That is what I am talking about. Over the past few decades, wall coverings have evolved … Continue reading Oh, What Wonderful Walls You Have!

Aimee Song, Song Of Style Blogger

Aimee Song (Aw-me Song), a Los Angeles native, is a full-time interior designer…with a peculiar “hobby.” When she is not hard at work decorating spaces for her clients, she becomes the trendsetting fashion blogger behind Song of Style, attends high-class industry events, and jetsets throughout the world. Aimee started out in the blogging world with interior design, as she made some of the furniture in … Continue reading Aimee Song, Song Of Style Blogger