How To Create Inspiring Flatlays

If you caught our blog post, ‘Creating Your Visual Story’ last week, you’re already aware of how important it is to create a unique and interactive page (or Instagram account, in this case) that will captivate your audience. There are many aspects to creating a great visual story that consist of videos and images—flatlays being one of them. Flatlays have become one of the most popular … Continue reading How To Create Inspiring Flatlays

Erica Cook : Interior Designer Spotted

Interior Designer spotted…”One of the best Interior designers to follow on Pinterest” according to Designer Marketplace! Erica Cook is an interior designer, a stylist, a blogger, and last but not least a single mom to five boys and a dog. She moved from Toronto to Calgary six years ago, and took on the stressful challenge of renovating her 2,487-square-foot home. Her blog, Moth Design, depicts her … Continue reading Erica Cook : Interior Designer Spotted