Hosting Elegant Summer Events

  It’s summertime again—the season for social gatherings! No matter the occasion, you can host a sophisticated soiree that will impress your guests. One of the best parts of hosting a summer party is the versatility. Whether you’d rather soak up the sun with friends, or admire the starlight backdrop in your backyard, you have options! Just remember to plan around the event your envisioning. … Continue reading Hosting Elegant Summer Events

Out Of Office!

More and more companies are stepping outside into the warm weather for events. Outdoor outing for sports, barbecues, and picnics have become the popular setting for networking, rather within the company or field. When attending such an event, you must represent your company and display your style. A style with a mixture of work and play, like the event. Comfortable items such as maxi dresses … Continue reading Out Of Office!

Consignment With The RealReal

There’s a secret to fashion…it always revolves and evolves! Consignment shopping is just that. It is luxury items circulating from one luxe individual to another to help develop their signature style. Resale shopping can either be done locally or online (we prefer online as it provides a wider range of closets to shop through). One of our favorite online consignment shops is The RealReal, one … Continue reading Consignment With The RealReal

10 Stylish Work Outfits to Try This Spring

Originally posted on StyleCaster:
Although Spring can be tons of fun and afford long-forgotten freedoms like wearing sheer, mixing crazy colors, and (gasp!) even trotting around with bare legs, one thing that can be a bit more tricky is concocting the perfect Spring work outfits. There is such a thing as too little when it comes to office attire, and when you cross that line,… Continue reading 10 Stylish Work Outfits to Try This Spring

‘E’ Is For Embellishments…

We’ve recently had the chance to scope out Spring By The Letters 2014 by The Coveteur, which not only provided images, but these were illustrations for the ABCs of Spring fashion that were drawn with the help of fashion artist Meghann Stephenson. How creative!  So we decided to follow up and break down our coveted fashion accessories of Spring 2014 by the letters. E is for Embellishments: … Continue reading ‘E’ Is For Embellishments…

Trending On The Red Carpet: Oscars 2014

Hope you’ve enjoyed the Oscars as much as we did! While watching the red carpet of the Academy Awards, we noticed some fashion trends we thought we would share with you:  Neutrals accompanied with metallic, jewels, beading, or, lace, sheer fabric neutrals such as nude and black made statements on the red carpet as to say ‘you don’t have to be brightly colored to stand … Continue reading Trending On The Red Carpet: Oscars 2014