6 Tips To Flat Lay The LUXE Way

What exactly is a flat lay? Flat lay photography is simply taking a picture from straight up above, but surprisingly, there is more to it than that. Sparkly accessories, folded clothes, and magazine covers – #flatlay is currently “in”. Flat lays are a way to display your story with different pieces all at once in an aesthetically pleasing way. You see these great flat lays … Continue reading 6 Tips To Flat Lay The LUXE Way

Get In the Habit of Automating Your Business Process

There’s a reason why some businesses excel and well…some don’t. One of the reasons that some businesses didn’t excel could have been because that they didn’t have an automated process or it wasn’t an efficient one. While we may actually loathe the idea of automation ever since calling customer service became a hassle, it makes sense to automate your business process. There are many reasons … Continue reading Get In the Habit of Automating Your Business Process

Building an E-Commerce Business

Due to its convenience and mass outreach, e-commerce sites have been one of the fastest growing industries in the past few years. Many businesses have been turning to e-commerce and increasing their sales exponentially with the help of digital marketing experts, web developers and targeted SEO strategies. Although it may seem like a fairly simple task, it takes a great deal of thought, hard work, … Continue reading Building an E-Commerce Business


3 Tech Devices We Can’t Live Without!

On this week’s Wednesday Weekly round-up, we’re sharing technology devices that help add value to a creative business. These are also the essentials we cannot live without, as they have leveled up our game. Big time. There a various types or brands but the three devices, we will mention are simply what we use and love! A camera. We’ve all been using an iPhone camera for a … Continue reading 3 Tech Devices We Can’t Live Without!