Visual content

Creating Your Visual Story

We’ve always lived in a visual world—but with the introduction of social media, that world has become even bigger and companies now depend on the success of their visual content to reach and appeal to the masses. It is important to know how to effectively utilize visual content, like images via Instagram or videos via YouTube in your marketing campaigns to ensure they resonate well … Continue reading Creating Your Visual Story

Why Influencer Marketing Works

It’s no exaggeration that social media has become the most influential form of global communication. Ranging from Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat and other platforms, figures from celebrity, to political, and everyone in between all use social media as a leverage to reach hundreds of thousands- even millions of followers instantly. This is why many believe influencer marketing is on its way to become the next big thing … Continue reading Why Influencer Marketing Works

Travel In Style!

You just booked that amazing getaway that you’ve so desperately needed for quite some time and now you’re thinking about packing for this much-needed vaca. You’re so anxious to get on with your travels that you’ve already put aside all the clothes that are ready to be packed up in your travel cases, but then you get this one thought in your mind… What will I wear on the day that I travel?  … Continue reading Travel In Style!

Hosting Elegant Summer Events

  It’s summertime again—the season for social gatherings! No matter the occasion, you can host a sophisticated soiree that will impress your guests. One of the best parts of hosting a summer party is the versatility. Whether you’d rather soak up the sun with friends, or admire the starlight backdrop in your backyard, you have options! Just remember to plan around the event your envisioning. … Continue reading Hosting Elegant Summer Events

LUXE Q&A With Kelly Newton, Organic Beauty Aficionado

Kelly Newton is definitely not your average beauty, she is one that puts the ‘B’ in business, especially when it comes to organic beauty. She divulges some of her tips with us that make her business, Pure Blends Spa & Apothecary, successful and how it inspires her lifestyle! How would you describe your brand?We take you beyond pampering and beauty to a spa experience unlike any … Continue reading LUXE Q&A With Kelly Newton, Organic Beauty Aficionado

Green With Envy

Green represents nature and one of the seven deadly sins….envy…and we definitely envy these fabulous room ideas. With spring upon us, now is the ideal time to spruce up your domain (not that you need a reason)! All variations of green can create depth and immerse you and your guests in to a tranquil and harmonious environment! Various shades of green are the epitome of … Continue reading Green With Envy

Black Friday Almost Gone…Small Business Saturday & Cyber Monday Here We Come!

If you didn’t feel like you spent enough money on your turkey or hosting this year, we brought you some great tips on how to shop for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, & Cyber Monday: Get inspired…all those things you’ve been adding to your wish list all year long or items you plan on getting for someone else this holiday, put it into action! Look … Continue reading Black Friday Almost Gone…Small Business Saturday & Cyber Monday Here We Come!