Live Video Streaming Is On The Rise

Living in the kind of modern society that is all about exclusivity and immediate availability demands that new ideas on how to share content be generated faster than ever. The ability to keep up with the digital evolution of this generation has become critical for businesses to stay ahead of the game, and part of our job here at LOOKLIVELUXE is to help you stay … Continue reading Live Video Streaming Is On The Rise

Eventful, Entertaining & Extravagant!

Galas, banquets, corporate meetings, seminars, tradeshows and the list goes on! There are so many different types of events and with that comes the need for versatility and the knowledge of how to execute them with finesse. Lighting, timing, dining – they all play a part in many events and it is said that all events involve a director and full crew!  Styling and setting … Continue reading Eventful, Entertaining & Extravagant!